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About Us 

Our Dream Team 


Robyn Bitterwolf - Owner

Robyn Bitterwolf is the creative mind and inspiration of 4 Elements.

She created the business with her Husband Jürgen in 2002

Together they create magic and this beautiful sanctuary. 

Robyn is an amazing artist and Host, she welcomes everyone home with open arms.

4 elements is just one of her beautiful manifestations. 


Jürgen Bitterwolf - Owner 

Jurgen is the glue that holds 4 elements together.

Robyn and Jurgen's vision is continuously unfolding and they are always finding new ways to sustainably, build, grow food, and cultivate life.  

Jurgen is originally from Germany but he has been living the Caribbean dream for over 33 years. 

Jurgen is an amazing Chef, Photographer, Handyman, Beekeeper, and innovative mind here at 4 elements. 

Jurgen is kind, openhearted, welcoming, and a true inspiration to all. 

4 Elements Culinary and Wellness Center 

is a family-owned business. 

Located on beautiful Water Island one of the US Virgin Islands' most secluded islands, you can enjoy the peace and quiet and not just get away from it all but, get in touch with it all.  

The focus of our center is to reconnect you to the Elements and the Great mystery.  

Our center is a living canvas with an unmeasurable amount of art and creativity that we and many others have lovingly created. 

The property boasts breathtaking views of Water Island and nearby islands. In this Bohemian retreat, you'll enjoy the tranquility of sustainable living in the midst of our vibrant land. 


Our cottages offer the perfect "glamping" experience in nature, while not compromising on guest comfort.

Each cottage is privately nestled within lush tropical foliage.


Floating above the coast, the property has views of the island and the ocean beyond with limitless lookouts for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and star-gazing.


Let our open-air spaces open up your senses to a new way of life. We will inspire you with our simple charm and vibrant beauty. Get lost in the walkways of our over 1.7-acre property and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. 


We thoroughly believe in leaving a small environmental footprint and living sustainably. Therefore you will find that many features at our property are made from recycled materials such as bottles, driftwood, and thrift shop furniture.


While our property offers seclusion, we are only a short walk from the ferry dock and the famous Honeymoon beach, which has daily activities for guests and locals alike.


We’re sure you’ll enjoy the laid-back feel of

 Water Island.


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